Spring Cleaning with Kids- Making it Fun!

My amazing sister is turning forty in a couple weeks and I am so excited to be able to throw her birthday bash at my house! Really, she is the best big sister ever! I wish I could loan her to you! Being five years older than me, she weathers every storm first. She figured out pregnancy, potty-training, temper-tantrums, back-talking,…..everything….she encountered it first! So, when I have a problem with my kids, guess who I call? “Sister, dear……..” So, of course, I want to celebrate her birth! I am so glad my mama had her!

Now, that being said……I haven’t had a party at my house for a long time….over a year, maybe? My sister has them all at her house! See why I love her?

Parties = lots of cleaning= no, thank you!

When I am schooling, I just can’t muster up the energy to scrape the pizza sauce off the vaulted ceilings. (Apparently, one of my sons decided to see if he could juggle pizza.) Someone, please tell me that you have kids like this?

Last weekend, I decided that we needed a spring-cleaning plan to prepare for our upcoming celebration. How can we make it look like three little boys DO NOT live in this house? I am not going for Better Homes and Gardens, ladies. But, when people walk in my home, I don’t want them to say, “Oh, my!” in a not-so-great way!

After much contemplating, I formulated a productive, yet fun, cleaning game. Before I tell you my plan, let me share this with you. After cleaning for five hours straight, my middle son said, “Thanks, Mom. This is so fun!” Do I have your attention now?

My Plan

  • Draw a picture of every room in my house. The one above is my main floor. I did each floor of the house on a different piece of paper. If I had a huge piece of paper, I would have made a giant “blueprint.”
  • With the help of my boys, I made a list of every “treat” or “privilege” that would motivate them to work.
  • After that, they took turns, one by one, choosing a treat or privilege. I assigned the treat to a room in the house. (They chose the treat and I chose the room. For example, when they choose to order pizza, I assigned pizza to the hardest room because it was the most expensive. I wanted them to work harder for that one.) We continued choosing until every room had an assigned blessing.
  • Here was the deal:
    • We will work for five hours.
    • We will party for five hours. (after the work is complete)
    • With every room that we deep-clean, we will receive the assigned party treat for that room. Using the picture above as an example, when we finished deep-cleaning the office, the boys knew that they had earned orange soda pop for our cleaning party that evening.
  • As we cleaned, we kept our house map nearby. We highlighted every treat that they had recieved as we cleaned.
  • When our time was up, we went to the store and purchased all of the items for our after-cleaning party!

A Few Fun Tips

    • Keep it fun! Music will help!
    • To make it more “party-like” we cleaned together, everyone in the same area of the house.
    • Refer to the treat for that room as you are cleaning…..”Wow, I can’t wait to eat that ice cream. It will be worth it tonight!”
    • If possible, enlist Dad’s help. Make it a family party!
    • After you are done, have the kids walk with you to examine each room. I carried room freshener with me as we checked. If the room was clean, I squirted lavender into the air. The kids ran ahead of me, sniffing the air to see if that room was “approved.”

Our Treats and Privileges

This was my boys’ list: orange pop, root beer, pizza, ramen noodles, kettle corn, sour cream and onion chips, cheese curls, homemade M&M Blizzards, yellow cake with chocololate frosting, rent a movie, rent a video game, late bedtime

Not a healthy thing on the list, my friend, but my house is closer to clean! Although, in order to be fully ready for my sister’s birthday bash, I might need to have a few more cleaning parties with my kids!

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