Chicken Grill Packets

My apologies, dear friends. It has been awhile since I have posted. Last week was VBS, which means getting home at 10pm every evening. Following the conclusion of the church festivities, I became sick. When I am sick, you don’t want me to write anything. It would have been all complaints!

But, I am back! Back to writing…..

Yesterday, for Father’s Day, I served my hubby one of his favorite meals: Chicken Grill Packets. It is one recipe that EVERY person in my family loves! Plus, it cooks entirely on the grill. Clean-up is a breeze! Plus, my house stays cool! Would you like to try it?

chicken, potatoes, onions, butter, bacon, and garlic salt…….grilled to perfection in aluminum foil packets

Chicken Grill Packets

Makes: 6-8 packets, depending on size


4 cups diced chicken (I use boneless skinless chicken breast.)

4 cups diced potatoes (I prefer yellow potatoes. I leave the skins intact. Skins are good for you! Don’t peel them off!)

1 cup diced onion (I prefer sweet onions.)

1 stick butter (Real butter tastes better than margarine…..and it’s healthier!)

1/2 cup chopped bacon (Usually, I use the pre-cooked bacon that comes in a bag at Costco.)

garlic salt, to taste (I prefer about 1 tablespoon. My hubby likes it closer to 2 tablespoons.)


Chop the chicken, onions, and potatoes. Chop them pretty small or they will take forever to cook. I try to keep the chicken and potatoes about the same size to ensure equal cooking time. I chop the onions much smaller or I will have complaints from the peanut gallery. Melt the butter. Pour all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix. Cut 6-8 foil pieces. Place equal amounts of mixture in each foil packet. Try to keep the mixture in one layer and evenly spread out. (If you “mound” the mixture then the bottom will be done while the top will be partially cooked.) Seal the packet so that the juices cannot leak out. Place on the grill on medium heat. Grill for apporximately 20 minutes. Serve with corn on the cob or fresh veggies with ranch.


This is the pre-cooked mixture. Mix everything together in one bowl.

Place equal amounts of the mixture onto foil pieces.


Seal the packets. Place on the grill for about 20 minutes.



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