Five Kingdoms of Living Things

Visual for the Five Kingdoms of Living Things

This week we are memorizing the five kingdoms of living things.  So, of course, I went to my handy-dandy pinterest boards and looked for ideas to help my kids remember them.   I found this idea…..and….I must say, it worked pretty well!  Here is a link to the website where I found the idea.   Here is how it worked……

1.  Trace the child’s hand.

2.  On the thumb, have them write “Plantae” because people that are good with plants have a green thumb. 

3.  On the pinky, write “Protista” because pinky and protista both start with ‘p.’  Also, protista are very small and the pinky finger is the smallest finger. 

4.  Ask the kids to show you the number one with their fingers.  Hopefully, they will hold up their index finger.   Have them write “Monera” on the index finger (the one finger) because Monera have one cell.  Remind them that ‘mono’ means one.

5.  Okay, this one is bad.  But, they remember it!  So…..keep an open mind.   I showed them my wedding ring on my ring finger.   Then, I told them that there is a rumor that says that if a guy is not married (no ring on his ring finger), then he is a “fun-guy” because he doesn’t have a wife telling him what to do.  So, they write “Fungi” on the ring finger!   I told you it was terrible!   Note:  After hearing this, my oldest son states, “Well…..I’m going to have a wife AND be a fun guy!”   :)    

6.  This one might be even worse!   Fair warning…….   On the middle finger, have them write “Animalia.”  We discussed what “Giving someone the bird” meant and said….”Oh, a bird is an animal!”   What man meant for evil….I will use to educate my boys!   ;)    Also, I told them that the animal kingdom has the largest amount of diversity in it, so it has the largest finger. 

Additional Resources on the Kingdoms of Living Things

 Note:  A few of these things have content in them that does not line up with my family’s beliefs.  But, I just point out the things that contradict our beliefs and keep moving.  So, you may want to preview these.

1.  A song about the differences between animals and plants 

2.  A video about the five kingdoms of life 

3.  A slideshow (with music) about the five kingdoms of life 


2 Responses to Five Kingdoms of Living Things

  1. monica September 6, 2012 at 6:54 am #

    This is SO good! I’ll definitely use it with my boys. :) Thanks!

    • Jennifer September 6, 2012 at 5:35 pm #

      My boys thought it was a little corny, but they still remember it! So…that makes it altogether lovely for mom!

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