Mini Bow and Arrow Craft…….Craft Sticks, Floss, and Q-tips




Any form of weaponry is a huge hit in my household.  Don’t judge.  I gave up that fight around the age of 18 months. 

When I saw mini bows and arrows on pinterest, I knew that my boys would love it.   

The appeal?  It satisfies their deep desire to shoot one another (and the dog) without maiming or massacre.   Everyone is happy. 


You will need:

-craft sticks (I used jumbo, but the regular ones work, also.) 

-dental floss

-a pocket knife




The original author, Brooding Hen, has a great photo tutorial on making mini bow and arrows.  Check out her easy-to-follow instructions!   



Our Bow and Arrows






Note to boy:  These will shoot further than you think!  Please warn your mother to cover her coffee cup before firing.  Thank you. 


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