Healthy Eating for Moms

Healthy Eating for Moms-I hesitated to write this post.  Being that my site is all about teaching boys, I was struggling with whether the topic related to my niche.  But, here was my thought, “Well, when I feel good, I am a better teacher, mom, wife, daughter, and friend.  When I feel bad, I stink at all of the above.”  So, there you have it.  How does my healthy eating relate to teaching my boys?   When I eat healthy, I feel good.  When I feel good,  I am better equipped for everything-including teaching my boys.

A couple years ago, I was listening to a Christian radio station. The announcer was interviewing Christine Avanti, an LA nutritionist.  The challenge?  The radio listeners were sending in their favorite unhealthy recipes and Christine was adapting the recipe to make it healthier.  After the program, she promoted her book, “Skinny Chicks Don’t Eat Salads.”  I remember thinking, “I know!  I can’t live on salad!”   Promptly, I requested her book at the library.  Within a few weeks, my own copy arrived from Amazon.  I was hooked.  Later, I ordered her second book, “Skinny Chicks Eat Real Food.”  Two years later, I can still say that I mostly follow her plan. ….a combination of the ideas in the two books.  It is the only “healthy eating plan” that isn’t a diet… is just a healthy lifestyle-defined.  Yet, while it isn’t a diet, I always lose weight when I stick to it…..because it is healthy! 



Well….the premise of her plan is this:

1.  Every meal should have a balance of a lean protein, a complex carbohydrate, and a healthy fat.

2.  Eat a meal every four hours, without snacking in between.

3.  Eat real food.  Skip all of the processed foods…the low-fat meals, the 100 calorie snacks, the fake sweeteners, and the  diet drinks.  Fresh is better than canned.   Whole wheat trumps white.   Can you read the ingredients on the label?  If not, skip it.  For the “real-food” rules, look at this list on the blog, “100 Days of Real Food.”   I can’t say that I follow every rule on this list, but we are trying to move in the right direction.  (For example, we don’t do organic…..not out of lack of conviction, but out of lack of money.) 

 So, friends….this has been my summer project!  I am getting my eating back on track! 

When I follow her plan, I:

1.  Lose weight

2.  Have balanced hormones-my mood swings disappear

3.  Have decreased headaches-I struggle with migraines.  But when I follow her plan, my headaches are diminished….except around that time of the month-nothing seems to help with those! 

So, you ask, what do I eat?  I made a chart.  

(I just love charts….they make my Type A personality sing…..) 

 Food chart photo 2


If you would like to download my chart, here is your free copy:  Healthy Eating Food Chart

Note:  When I say that this is “Healthy Eating for Moms,”  please remember that my kids eat this way, also!  But, I try to stick to the yellow categories when I am wanting to lose weight.  My kids eat from all the categories….all the time!  My hubby?  Well….I am not his mom, friends.  He eats REALLY healthy when he is at home, but he lives on fast-food and convenience store hotdogs when he is working.  At least, he gets good stuff when he comes home! 

Another sidenote:  There are more foods that you CAN eat than the ones listed on my chart.  I listed the ones that my family eats.   They won’t eat tofu, so I didn’t put it on the chart.  But, according to the book, it is acceptable.  Same goes for many vegetables.  We are trying to become more brave.  But, as of right now, the only veggies we eat are the ones listed above.  But, there are MANY, MANY more veggies that are in the “Free Fooods” column.  For a more complete list, check out the list  in the back of the book, Skinny Chicks Don’t Eat Salads: Stop Starving, Start Eating…And Losing!

Stay tuned for a list of our favorite meals and snacks using the items listed on my food chart! 


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