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Thanksgiving Traditions

  • Make a place card for each person.  Decorate the card and put the person’s name on the front.  On the inside put verses about thankfulness and blessings.  Have your guests take turns reading the scripture in the place card.  Here are some verses to get you started:    1 Chronicles 16:8-9; Psalms 7:17; Psalms 42:4; Psalms 69:30; Psalms 95:2; Psalms 100:4; Psalms 107:1; Isaiah 12:4; Ephesians 5:4; Philippians 4:6; 1 Thessalonians 5:18; 1 Timothy 2:1-
  •  Again, make placecards.  But, make them larger this time.  Decorate the card and place the person’s name on the front.  Pass the cards around to each person.  Have each person write one reason that they are thankful for that person.  “I am thankful for you because……”
  •    Have each person write three things they are thankful for on a piece of paper.  Do not write names on the paper.  Place all papers in a basket.  Have each person draw a slip of paper out and guess whose blessings have just been read.
  •   Put five kernels on each plate.  This was the daily ration for the Pilgrims.  Then, pass a basket around the table.  Each person tells one thing that he or she is thankful for and places one kernel in the basket.  The basket goes around the table 5 times until everyone is out of kernels.  The same concept could be done with paper kernels.
  • Create a turkey and hang it on the wall.  Label the turkey with “God’s Blessings.”  Each person writes what they are thankful for on a feather and tapes it to the turkey. 
  •  Purchase or create a nice notebook or journal before Thanksgiving. Over dinner, as each person tells about something they thank God for, have a family member write these down in your notebook. Then, next year, do the same. As time goes by, the notebook will become a precious record of God’s provision to your family over the years.
  • Make a placemat.  Have each person at the dinner write what they are thankful for on the placemat.  Label the placemat with the date and laminate it.  Each year, pull out the previous years’ placemats to place on the Thanksgiving table.  Variation:  Make a hole in the center of the placemat.  Take a picture of everyone at the meal.  Place the picture in the hole before laminating it.
  • Thanksgiving is a good time to remember how God has provided for you in the past.  Have people share memories of times when God has gotten through hard times.
  •  Play 20 questions to guess what a person is thankful for.   
  •  Create a Blessings Jar.  Buy a decorative jar and place it in your home.  Throughout the year, your family can fill it with notes whenever God blesses them.  The notes are all read on Thanksgiving Day.  The jar is emptied and you start over for the next year. 
  •  Thanksgiving tree.   Make a tree trunk out of a paper bag or brown paper and hang it on the wall or fridge. Make paper leaves.  Write down blessings on leaves throughout the month of November.  Place the leaves on the tree throughout the month. 
  • The best way to thank God for his love is to love those that he loves!  Think of a way that your family can be a blessing to someone else at Thanksgiving time! 
  •  Sing praise and worship songs.
  •  Read books about the First Thanksgiving. 



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