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In Love with a Pencil Sharpener

I am in love. In the past, I have had long, painful nights with a tiny manual pencil sharpener. Recently, I have found a new friend…..

iPoint Revolution Pencil Sharpener

Truly, I am very fond of her. (Because she is so efficient, I have decided that she must be a “her.”) I can sharpen a brand new pencil in about 10 seconds. A previously sharpened pencil? 3 seconds! Plus… favorite part……I just stick the pencil in and hold it there. When it has reached “the perfect point,” the motor shuts off automatically! I thought that was a useless feature, but it is awesome!

I sharpened two hundred brand-new pencils in one hour!

The Negatives……..I had to get my hubby to figure out how to empty the shavings. But, once we figured it out, it is really easy. Also, because I sharpened so many pencils, I had to dump it out a lot. But, that was probably because of the number of pencils I sharpened. So far, I have sharpened over 500 pencils! Yes…..we have too many pencils! It is still working great!

What are your favorite office gadgets?

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Boy Mom Blog Hop 2012

 Welcome to!  If you are one of my faithful readers,welcome back!   If you are new here……hello, soon-to-be-friend!   Sit down…..grab a caffeinated beverage of your choosing…..and let’s get to know one another………



What is the Boy Mom Blog Hop? The Mothers of Boys Society is hosting a blog hop for moms of boys!  Teaching Boys is joining the party!  This is an opportunity for moms of boys to gather together, find mom blogs, and connect with new friends.  You don’t have to have a blog to visit all these great sites! Check out  the Boy Mom Blog Hop for more details.

My little tree-huggers…… oldest son is 10 years old, my middle son is (almost) nine years old, and my youngest is five years old.

Who am I? What can you find on my site?

Welcome to Teaching Boys! My name is Jennifer. I am so excited that you decided to visit! May I show you around?

In a few words… site is about……Teaching Boys!    Teaching Boys everything……..from math to loving others to cleaning. Cleaning is my personal favorite…..especially toilets….

I’m sorry….I am jumping ahead…..first, I should introduce myself……

Here is my elevator introduction: I am deeply in love with Jesus, married to the best guy ever (sorry, girls…he’s taken), and we are blessed with three little men to tuck in every evening! (Well, first we have to retrieve them from the trees, scrub the dirt off them, feed them for the tenth time that day, read books, pray, get drinks……and then…….tuck them in) I am a certified teacher with a degree in Elementary Education. After the birth of my first son, I gave up my paycheck and began teaching for free……in my own home! Currently, I spend my days homeschooling, blogging, and living life alongside my men.

About Us: For more about me, won’t you visit my About Us page? While you are there, you can meet my family, check out our curriculum, and peek into a typical day in our home. Typical….that lovely little word that means….”the day that Mommy has every duck in a row and is fully loaded with caffeine!”

Character and Habits: While academics and extra-curricular activities are important, my primary goal is to instill godly character into my boys. If, at the end of their lives, the only things that they have learned are loving God and loving others, then I will consider my job a success. While browsing this page, look through my list of ideas for serving others as a family, a post about perseverance, and how I motivate my kids to jog with cookies! 

Academics: Personally, our family homeschools. But, all parents, homeschooling or not, are involved in their son’s education. You will find ideas for drilling math facts, fun ways to memorize information, beginning reading with magnetic letters, and learning with shaving cream! Also, be sure to download my free ebook, “Teaching Boys to Practice Spelling-Hands-on Spelling Practice in Minutes a Day.”  While you are getting freebies, you might want to download my scavenger hunt that teaches about botany.  Read a review of one of our favorite read-alouds:  Where the Red Fern Grows. 

Home Management: Every boy needs to know how to manage a home. Unfortunately, I have met several brilliant people that live in a state of chaos- without the ability to manage money, cook a meal, or do laundry. We will aim for balance. I discuss my system for teaching my kids about financial wisdom. I tackle the terrible word called “chores.” Are you not sure what chores are appropriate for their age?  I made a list for you!  Also, I explain how to clean with non-toxic cleaners that my boys can use! (and squirt each other….without bodily harm!)  I discussed a fun way to tackle spring cleaning (with the kids helping the whole time!)  

Family Fun: This category is all about having fun with our boys!   Check out my camping checklist-everything we take when we head to the Great Outdoors.  Want to see my crazy boys in action?  Check out their homemade zipline.  Also, I’ve created a list of 106 Things to Do when the kids get bored. 

Celebrations: I am determined to teach my boys the true meaning behind our celebrations, while keeping all of the wonder and sparkle that I experienced as a child. This category tells some of my favorite holiday recipes and traditions. Also, I give fun ideas for incorporating meaning into those traditions.

Mom’s Toolbox: This is your oasis in a sea of miniature vehicles, ninja fights, and squished raisins in the carpet. Look here for words of encouragement, recipes for feeding your never-stop-eating males, tips on saving money, and funny stories about my life with boys.

Everything Else: This is my virtual junk drawer….everything that doesn’t fit into another category!


My Life in Pictures 

They are fish…in disguise….

Hanging upside-down….on a homemade zipline! Where is his mother?


I’ve had to learn to like frogs…….

They are always building something! This was their teepee in the woods.


Welcome, Boy Moms! I am so pleased that you hopped over to Teaching Boys! Please leave a comment about your visit! Include your blog address so I can come visit your virtual home on the web! Also, check out the other blogs participating in the Boy Mom Blog Hop

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Summer Bucket List- My Favorites!

summerbucketlist2 Summer Bucket List


The Summer Bucket List Series from Sunflower Schoolhouse is finished! I am thankful for the opportunity to blog alongside so many great ladies! In case you missed anything from my Summer Bucket List……

Day 1: M&M Jeopardy: I used chocolates to motivate my kids to review last year’s schoolwork one more time!

Day 2: Reading Under A Tree: I revealed our secret reading nook and discussed our current read-aloud: Where the Red Fern Grows.

Day 3: Motivating Boys to Jog….Running for Cookies: I talked about how I motivate my boys to jog…with chocolate chip cookies! Plus, I shared my favorite recipe!

Day 4: A Trip to the Zoo: I shared photos of our trip to the zoo!

Day 5: Art Projects: I confessed my area of weakness: doing art! But, I redeemed myself by doing a few projects with my kiddos!


Did you get a chance to check out the other ladies’ blogs? Here are my favorites:

Honey @ Sunflower Schoolhouse: Honey shared a recipe for making your own lickable stickers! How fun is that?

Joy @ My Home in the Smokies: Joy talked about her visit to a Mountain Farm Life Festival. Her photos show life in the 1800′s: houses, clothing, and crafts! I want to live in the 1800′s!

Tonya @ The Traveling Praters: Tonya shares her nine best travel tips. Prepare to save some money on your next trip!

Jennifer & Melissa @ Sisters ‘n Cloth: Melissa shares with us how her family does “Tent Tuesday.” On this day, electronics are forbidden! Instead, they will build a tent and spend the day reading and snuggling!

Lisa @ Creativlei: Lisa shared many reasons why she chooses to do summer school with her kids. Since I wholeheartedly agree with so many of her reasons, I had to choose this one as my favorite! Plus, she included a recipe for Homemade Silly Putty!

Nancy @ Proverbs 31 Jewels: Nancy reminds us of one thing that should be on everyone’s bucket list: seving others! I agree!

Kelli @ Adventurez in Childrearing: Kelli wrote about Fun with Dolphins! She and her family went on a boat tour and she captured the most amazing close-up picture of a dolphin! Since I live MANY, MANY hours from an ocean…..I am border-line jealous! Maybe I need to go visit Kelli…..

Happy Weekend, everyone! I am running my first 5K this weekend…..eeeek!!!!!

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