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Memorization Made Fun and Easy

We all have to learn to memorize. We can hate it. We can love it. But, we have to do it. Whether it be the new neighbor’s name, a math formula, an address, or history facts, memorizing is part of learning. Why not make it fun and easy?

Fun and Easy Ways to Memorize Anything

  • Funny Voices: Repeat the information over and over again, using funny voices.
    1. Say it like a robot.
    2. Say it like a dinosaur.
    3. Say it like a baby.
    4. Say it like a cowboy.
    5. Say it like a soldier.
    6. Say it like a ghost.
    7. Say it like a giant.
    8. Say it in a whisper.
    9. Say it AS LOUD AS YOU CAN!!!
    10. Say it like a pirate.
    11. Say it like a mouse.
    12. Hold your nose and say it.
    13. Laugh while saying it.
    14. Say it like an opera singer.


  • Weird Positions: Repeat the information over and over, while in a weird position.
    1. Say it while hanging upside down.
    2. Say it while standing on one foot.
    3. Say it while closing your eyes.
    4. Say it while sitting on a giant exercise ball.
    5. Saying it while at the park while swinging, sliding, or on the merry-go-round.
    6. Say it while flapping your arms.
    7. Beat your chest like a gorilla and say it.
    8. Say it while marching in place.



  • Sing it …….to a familar tune
    1. Yankee Doodle
    2. Old MacDonald
    3. Farmer in the Dell
    4. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
    5. Jingle Bells
    6. BINGO
    7. If You’re Happy and You know it
    8. Happy Birthday
    9. London Bridge
    10. Mary Had a Little Lamb
    11. Wheels on the Bus


  • Make up your own song, beat, chant, or rap.


  • Make an acronymn.
    1. Great Lakes: HOMES=Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior


  • Erase-a-Word
    1. Write the content on a dry erase board. Read it a few times. Erase one word. Read it again, trying to fill in the missing word. Repeat a few times until you get it. Erase another word. Read it again. Continue erasing one word at a time until the board is blank and the information is memorized. For more fun, choose a different voice each time you erase a word.


  • Voice Recorder Apps
    1. There are several hilarious voice recorder apps available. Speak the information into the voice recorder and it will be repeated back to you in a cat voice, a dog voice, or any other you choose.


  • Write it…in a different way.
    1. with sidewalk chalk on the driveway
    2. with fingerpaints or watercolors
    3. with white chalk on black paper
    4. in sand, mud, pudding, shaving cream, liquid soap, or cornmeal
    5. super tiny or super HUGE!!
    6. write it on an etch-sketch, aquadoodle, color explosion pad, etc.
    7. write it with bathtub markers on the shower walls
    8. dip a Q-Tip in water and write it on a chalkboard.
    9. write it on carbon paper.
    10. write it with your finger on a friend’s back.


  • Puppets: Use puppets to say the information.


  • Hand Motions: Make up hand motions to help you remember the info.


  • Write it on yourself: Write the info on your hands, arms, or feet. Everytime you look at it, you have a reminder.
    1. Variation for vocabulary: every time you see the word, define it or use it in a sentence.


A few more tips…not so exciting…but, helpful!

  1. Break it into small, manageable chunks.
  2. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. Did I say repeat? After you have the information memorized, continue repeating it. Repeat it in an hour, after lunch, during dinner, before bed, tomorrow, in a week, and in a month. Familiarity will make it stick.
  3. Use visual aids. It is hard to memorize information about a person or place that you haven’t seen.

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