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Perplexus Maze Balls – Our New Favorite Toy!


 I have finally found you- the perfect toy

Perplexus Maze Ball.  How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways…….

(cue the hallelujah chorus and the light streaming down from heaven….) 

1.   My boys can’t break you.  Since you entered our lives four months ago, you have stayed the same….quality….durable….fun!  Even though they have thrown you across the room like a beach ball, you have remained strong, tough, and indestructible.   I admire that in a toy.  Very few toys can claim that they have been able to withstand the pressures and roughhousing of my boys.  Yet, you have honorably earned that right, my friend.  

2.  You are neat and tidy.   Being one piece , you do not spread your pieces all over my house.  You don’t cause me to fear for my life when I walk across the room in the dark.  So tidy.  Good toy. 

3.  You don’t need batteries.  Many other toys suck up all of my money by requiring oodles of batteries that takes hours to replace.  But, you?  No.  You are low-maintenance.  So considerate you are.

4.  You teach us.   Trying to figure out your challenges and obstacles have enabled my boys to increase their problem solving and fine-motor skills.  On top of educational lessons, you have provided many opportunities to discuss character qualities such as perseverance when we fail.   Thank you, teacher.  To teach is to touch a life forever. 

5.  We haven’t grown tired of you.  Other toys are exciting for the first few days.  Then, a few days later?  They are discarded.   Never to be played with again.   But, you?  Perplexus Maze Ball, you have remained our favorite. For months we have played with you.  For months we have enjoyed having your company on doctor trips and car rides.   For months you have been our first choice. 

6.   I love your family of other Maze Balls.   Not only do you provide constant entertainment, but you have an entire family of Perplexus Maze Balls!   When you are ready to go to the toy retirement home (aka:  a garage sale), we can buy another maze ball with a different maze and a different set of challenges.  The fun begins again.  Even when you are gone, you will continue to bless us.  (cue tears and the weeping)

 As a tribute to you, dear Perplexus Maze Ball, I have prepared a photo album of our memories together.  Always remember how much we love you!




To all of my friends that are witnessing this sweet exchange between a mom and a toy, please note that YOU can have this same loving feelings towards a toy!  YOU can look forward to your child playing with a toy.  It is possible to have a toy that does not annoy you to the point of wanting to bash it with a hammer and claim that your grouchy neighbor accidentally ran over it.  (Not that I would ever do that…again.)  Mom, let me introduce you to my little friends…….




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Mini Bow and Arrow Craft…….Craft Sticks, Floss, and Q-tips




Any form of weaponry is a huge hit in my household.  Don’t judge.  I gave up that fight around the age of 18 months. 

When I saw mini bows and arrows on pinterest, I knew that my boys would love it.   

The appeal?  It satisfies their deep desire to shoot one another (and the dog) without maiming or massacre.   Everyone is happy. 


You will need:

-craft sticks (I used jumbo, but the regular ones work, also.) 

-dental floss

-a pocket knife




The original author, Brooding Hen, has a great photo tutorial on making mini bow and arrows.  Check out her easy-to-follow instructions!   



Our Bow and Arrows






Note to boy:  These will shoot further than you think!  Please warn your mother to cover her coffee cup before firing.  Thank you. 

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A Homemade Zipline……… AKA: Questionable Parenting

Many days, my own laziness and a strong desire for serenity wins out over common sense.  When my boys are outside and my house is peacefully quiet, I say yes to many things that I should probably reconsider.

The zipline was one of those moments…….

Don’t try this at home!

It all started with their passionate desire to conquer the "unclimbable tree." For this reason, they decided to build a ladder to the lowest branches. Being tired, I agreed, "Sure. Great idea." In my mind I was thinking, 'Hammers, nails, hmmmmm.....I get a break AND it can counts as Woodworking class. Double-Bonus!" Off they scampered to proclaim dominion over the tree........

After their creation was complete, they took turns hanging from the branches. Guess how long it took them to decide that they needed MORE adventure?


String a rope between two trees. Grab a Y-shaped tree branch. Add in some crazy testosterone. Voila! A zipline!

Isn't this safe? I told you it was questionable parenting........

My middle son, who is cautious, waited to see if my oldest son, the daredevil, lived. After confirmation that his brother didn't die....he proceeded to take a turn!

Upside down? Where are that kid's parents? today......


How to Build A Zipline 

For the record, I warned you NOT to try this at home.  It is dangerous.  Injury is likely.  Your parenting skills will be questioned.  Yet, if your boys happened to see any of these pictures… know what is coming, friend!

  1. Build a ladder.   I have no idea how my boys did that.  I was inside drinking tea!  All I know is they left my house with boards (provided by their dad, of course…..the chief daredevil) and an hour later they had a ladder.  Fasten the ladder to the tree.  (Hubby did that.)
  2. String a rope between two trees.  Hang it at an incline.
  3. Find a strong branch shaped like a Y.
  4. Create a cover story for the ER, in case it goes awry….. (just kidding!)
  5. Place the branch over the rope.  Hang on tight…….Pick up your feet……
  6. Zip!

FYI…….As of this moment, no children have been injured in the making of this post………..

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