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Boys…..Being Boys



You got mud on your face… big disgrace……


Do you see why we call him “Monkey in the Middle?” …in a tree….covered in dirt… shoes….and as happy as can be…..


Recess…homeschool style

My men…in their element….


Mr. Cool Guy needs you to see this picture as it perfectly displays his awesomeness….balancing on a limb over a large drop……he gets that from his dad!

“A boy is trust with dirt on it’s face, beauty with a cut on it’s finger, wisdom with bubble gum in it’s hair, and the hope of the future with a frog in it’s pocket. wonder. dream. play. explore. find. discover.”

Author Unknown

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Funny moments with boys

 4 year old: Mom, you smell atrocious.
Me: Really? Do you know what atrocious means?
4 year old: Really awesome.
Me: Not exactly. It means really bad. Do I smell really bad?
4 year old: No. You are not atrocious. How do I say really awesome? 
Me: How about phenomenal? Phenomenal means really awesome.
4 year old: Okay. Mom, you smell nefomenamal.
Me: (smiling) Thanks, buddy.


The discussion of honeymoons came up over breakfast. The boys began brainstorming where they would take their future wives.
  • 10 year old: take her to the mall and ride the escalator up and down and up and down.
  • 8 year old: take her to the woods and teach her to kill animals and dress them.
  • 4 year old:  take her on an airplane and shoot bullets at other airplanes
My 10 year old found a clever way to use one of his vocabulary words. My husband and I were ”disagreeing” about something. He heard us “problem-solving” and said, “Mom, is this (pointing to my husband and me) a good way to define animosity?


I poked my head into the backyard to check on my boys. I hear my 4yo say “We’re going to build a launcher!” I contemplated whether a good mom would care to investigate. First thought was…. “My house is quiet……I don’t think I care……” But, after a few guilty moments, I asked my oldest, “What kind of launcher are you building?” He replied, “An awesome one….that’s what kind….” Losing my resolve, I asked, “Well, just don’t kill or destroy anything as you launch it.” I better hide the dog…..

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