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Child’s Story Bible

Generally, I don’t like story bibles.  But, The Child’s Story Bible by Catherine Vos, is tremendous. Check out my review.


What I like: 

  • The stories aren’t watered down.  The author keeps the true meaning of the Bible, yet writes it in a way that a child can understand.
  • The author writes beautifully!  I hate reading “dumbed-down” books.
  • When I tell my boys that it is time for Bible, they yell “Yes!  I love Bible!”  After I close the book they say, “No!  Keep going!  One more chapter?” 
  • The author weaves the stories together.  In one story she may say, “Remember when we talked about this?  Well, this is what happened because of that.” 
  • The entire book points to Jesus. In the Old Testament she is consistently showing the child how God is preparing the world for his coming.  I love that! 

A few dislikes:

  • As with any retelling of the Bible, the author is interpreting the Bible.  Therefore, there have been a few times that I have disagreed with her interpretation.  But, this will be the case with any story bible.  When this occurs, I inform my boys as to why I don’t agree with her statement and we move on with our reading.  But, these instances have been few and far between. 
  • There are very few pictures.  Actually, I like that because I don’t have to continually listen to ”I can’t see!  Move over! You are in my way!”  But, here is my dislike.  The few pictures that it contains are not next to the story.  There is a picture of David sparing King Saul’s life.  It is located about 10 pages after that same story.  If the publisher is going to illustrate the story wouldn’t it make sense to place it next to that story?  But, this is a relatively small complaint compared to my level of admiration for this book. 

Our family highly recommends The Child’s Story Bible! 



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