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Schoolwork Checklists- Updated

Okay. It’s almost December and I am just now getting around to updating my boys’ schoolwork checklists! I’m thankful for grace! Anyway, it is done!

Here are the basics of our system:

  • Each child has his own checklist.
  • The checklist is divided into three categories: Independent, With Mom, As a Family.
  • The “Independent” section is work that they can do without my help. (or should I say that they SHOULD be able to do it by themselves…)
  • The “With Mom” section is work that I will do with that child. This is where he gets his new lessons and individual instruction.
  • The “As a Family” section is work that everyone will do together.

How it Works:

  • Each child wakes up in the morning. After relaxing on the couch and morning snuggles, he must begin his checklist. Some mornings he will be working straight out of bed and other times he will rest on the couch for 30-45 minutes. Our rule is you may rest as long as you want as long as you stay on the couch and be peaceful. But, when you are awake (AKA: wrestling with your brothers), you must start your schoolwork. We do not allow tv…….just relaxing.
  • He will begin on his independent work. He must start at the top of the list and continue in the order listed.
  • While they are working on their independent work, I am pulling each child out to complete his “With Mom” section. For example, while I make breakfast, my 5yo is doing math with me. Later in the day, my 5yo might be looking at books on the couch, my 10yo might be doing his handwriting, and I might be introducing a new math concept to my 9yo. Each child is expected to continue working on his independent work until I ask him to come and work with me.
  • At various times during the day we will do the “As a Family” section. During breakfast, I read everyone the Bible. Generally, our family read-aloud will be read during lunch. After all of the “Independent” work and the “With Mom” work is complete, we will do “Explore” as a family. Explore is a term to describe all of our extras…further reading on science or history, a hands-on project, a field trip, watching videos related to our studies, library books….anything! The amount of time we spend on “Explore” will depend on how long the rest of the work takes. Some days, we will skip it. Other days we will spend two hours exploring!
  • One other thing to note… 5yo can’t read his checklist. But, I make him one so that I can keep myself on track.


Additional Info:

  • We keep the same checklist for the entire week.
  • I keep the titles of the subjects generic. Just do the next math lesson in the book. If we get behind, then I don’t have to redo my entire list. Just do the next lesson.
  • Keeping it generic keeps the list flexible. For example, “computer learning” includes some of the computer software that we own and educational websites that my boys enjoy. If our day is long and tedious, I might just have them hop on and play a non-stressful math game or the Oregon Trail game. But, if we have extra time, then I might have them tackle a new typing lesson. Fliexibility helps me keep my sanity when life doesn’t go as planned! Also, it allows me to apply grace to their workload if I know that they have had a hard day.


Here are my checklists. For some reason, when I copied and pasted them, it took out all of the boxes! On my computer, it is an Excel document with boxes for each piece of information. The kids just check off the subject for that day of the week. But….technical difficulties…..the boxes disappeared!! I would try to figure it out for you, but….I must school my children! So, use your imaginations and picture these lovely little organizational boxes. While we are dreaming, imagine a room full of three little boys happily checking off their boxes and filling their brains with useful information……….


10 year old’s Work

Subject Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri
Math- 1 lesson
Xtramath – 1 lesson
Handwriting – 1 lesson
Grammar/Writing- 30 min.
Fiction Reading – 20 min.
Non-fiction reading-20 min.
CC Memory Work review
Computer Learning

Subject Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri
Preview tomorrow’s work
CC memory work

Subject Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri
Read aloud


9 year old’s work

Subject Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri
Math – 1 lesson
Xtramath-1 lesson
Handwriting – 1 lesson
Fiction Reading – 20 min.
Non-Fiction Reading-20 min.
Grammar Charts-15 min.
CC Memory Work Review
Computer Learning

Subject Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri
Preview tomorrow’s work
CC memory work

Subject Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri

5 year old’s Work

Subject Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri
Look at books
Legos/Blocks/Pattern Blocks
Room time

Subject Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri
CC memory work

Subject Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri


How do you organize your child’s school day? How do you juggle multiple children? I would love to hear your ideas!!

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Free BrainPop Videos

Have you ever watched any BrainPop videos? Brainpop is a website that provides short educational videos on a variety of academic subjects. Most of the videos require a paid subscription to the website, but they have a few videos that are always free. There is Brainpop Jr. for K-3rd.

Because many kids are out of school due to the hurricane, Brainpop is offering ALL of their videos and activities FREE through Sunday. I would love to have a subsciption to this site, but we haven’t been able to afford it yet. So, I was very excited to see that we can have free access for a few days! I sat down and made a list of videos that relate to the subjects that we have learned so far this school year. If you are in Classical Conversations, then you will notice how this list of videos corresponds to our Cycle 1 Memory Work. (I did not include videos for topics that we will study later on in the year. I want my kids to have the “peg” in place before I start trying to place information on the peg!)

Here is how we did it……

1. Review the piece of memory work that relates to the video. (Some of the videos relate to a science or fine arts project that we did at CC, not a piece of memory work. The grammar videos relate to Essentials class. In these cases, I reminded the kids about the lesson before we watched the video.)

2. Watch the video.

3. Ask each child what they learned from the video. If they can’t tell me anything, then they have to leave the room for the next video. They can try again on the next one.

4. Repeat the process with the next piece of memory work.

This process helps them easily add information to their memory work. Try it out!

You only have a couple days to watch these videos! On Monday, they will only be available to paid subscribers. Grab some popcorn, friends……


The List

Please note: There are hundreds of other videos on their site. This list reflects what we have studied in CC. If you don’t do Classical Conversations, then you might just go directly to BrainPop and choose videos that relate to your studies.



Parts of a Plant

Plant Life Cycle

Autumn Leaves



More Camouflage

Classifying Animals







Ancient China

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Rome


Egyptian Pharaohs

Fall of the Roman Empire

Great Wall of China

Greek Gods



Pax Romana

Rise of the Roman Empire

Roman Republic

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World




Time Signature and Notes

Musical Scales

Reading Music

Clefts and Time Signatures








Personal Pronouns


Prepositional Phrases

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Favorite Homeschooling Websites

We are continuing our series titled “How to Begin Homeschooling.”  Did you catch my first two posts?   On Day One, I gave you a checklist for beginning homeschool.  On Day Two, I shared my favorite curriculum picks.  I am writing this series for all of my newbie homeschooling friends.  But, if you don’t homeschool, or if you have homeschooled for years…….today’s post may still be helpful!  I am going to share with you my favorite academic and homeschooling websites. 

Academic Games


Online Learning Sites for Kids


 Homeschooling Laws


Read Homeschool Reviews


Used Homeschool Curriculum


Buy New Curriculum


Book Lists


Lesson Plan Ideas


Free Printables


Homeschool Forums


Happy web surfing! 


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