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Scissor Practice for Kindergarten

Over the summer, I try to catch my kids up on some of the things that were pushed aside or forgotten during the school year. Unfortunately, that happens too often with my little guy! While contemplating this fact, I remembered that he needs to practice cutting. Why doesn’t he know how to use scissors? Let’s see. Lots of little pieces of paper all over the floor……the fact that he has tried to cut his own hair (and succeeded)……little pieces of paper all over the floor……lack of preparation on Mom’s part……little pieces of paper all over the floor…….

Even though I am not excited about the mess, the time has come to teach him to master cutting!

As I began thinking about this, I remembered my friend, Lauren, the author of Mama’s Learning Corner. She offers several free scissor skills worksheets! Score! I dashed to her site and began printing!


This page centers around the letter “A.” His favorite was getting the astronaut to his rocket!


For this page, his first step is to cut out all of the shapes at the bottom of the page.


After cutting out the shapes, he had to sort them. Although this part was too easy for him, he loved it!


I printed off every page that Lauren had to offer! They are free…and fun! Why not?


Soon, he will be an expert scissor-master……on something other than his hair! And, I must admit, there weren’t very many pieces of paper on the floor!

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Eric Carle Coloring Book for Little Ones

Little Man is posing with his artwork. Also, he is doing the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" with his fingers.

Keeping Little Hands Busy

Constantly, I am looking for ways to occupy my youngest son while I do school with his big brothers.  Our favorite “find” has been this coloring book by Eric Carle:

Why I Love It!

  1. Simple Pictures:  Most coloring books are too complex and detailed!  I was looking for a beginning coloring book with one to two drawings on a page.  I found it.
  2. Very Large:  Measuring in at 11x 14, these coloring pictures are much larger than most others.  The size makes it easier for little ones to manipulate.
  3. Familiar Characters:  I love Eric Carle books! We have read everyone of them!  So, my son enjoys coloring pictures of his favorite characters.
  4. Stickers:  The book comes with 50 stickers of drawings from Mr. Carle’s books.  Little Man loves them!  Although, I will say, the stickers aren’t very sticky!  But, since they are adorable, all is forgiven!
  5. Busy Hands:  While I am working with the other boys, he is busy coloring his picture.  It gives him something productive to do independently.  Generally, it will take him 20-30 minutes to complete each page.
  6. Corresponding Literature:  On a productively, wonderful “Supermom” day, I can read the corresponding book to him before or after he completes his coloring.   We don’t get to it everytime.  But, when we do, he enjoys comparing his picture to the “real thing.”

A Few More…..

We  are nearing the end of this coloring book , so I am searching for it’s replacement.  I noticed that Mr. Carle has a few other coloring books that are specific to one storybook.  (The one above has samples from several of his books.)  The ones I am looking at purchasing appear to tell the entire story on each coloring page.  So, it is storytime and fine arts wrapped into one package!  So, the following books are on our wish list:


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Homeschooling Kindergarten- A Quick-Start Guide

Little Man began kindergarten at 4 years old. Mostly, it was because he wanted to “do school” like his big brothers!

Recently, I chatted with a friend that is at the very beginning of homeschooling. Her oldest is starting kindergarten next year. Understandably, she was a little terrified! As I listened to her reveal all of her concerns, I felt like I was listening to myself….a few years ago! Isn’t it funny how a few years can change everything? At one point I asked her, “Would it make you feel better if I just told you exactly what to do and exactly what to buy?” Immediately, she replied, “Yes! Please!” In an effort to help her breathe…..I shared this plan with her:

The Main Goal of Kindergarten: Reading!

  • Focus on getting him to read! All other things take second place! He will encounter history, science, and the “extras” many other times in his life. Reading is the backbone of every other subject.
    • Read to him.
    • Have him read to you.
    • Listen to audio books.
      • in the car
      • at night while going to sleep
      • while eating lunch
    • Have him read to his little sister, a stuffed animal, the dog, or Grandma.

He is writing letters using a software program called “Pencil Pete.” Pencil Pete makes the letters on the screen….over and over and over and over…..I give him a dry erase board and a marker so that he can practice alongside Pencil Pete.

The Curriculum

  • Phonics Instruction
    • Children need phonics. I am adamantly opposed to sight word programs! After seven years of tutoring children with reading struggles, I can speak on this topic! Please listen to my experience! Choose explicit phonics! If you would like to research the difference between implicit phonics and explicit phonics, please read this article by Delores Hiskes.
    • There are several great programs available that use explicit phonics. But, in an effort not to overwhelm my sweet friend with choices, I will recommend the one that I use with my youngest: Saxon Phonics K, A Home Study Kit. This program uses phonics to teach reading, writing, and spelling. Also, it has a literature extension that offers suggested read-alouds. Unlike some other phonics programs, it includes everything she needs for kindergarten language arts- all in one!
  • Handwriting
    • Now, I just told you that it is a complete LA program, but the handwriting in Saxon Phonics is weak. I am undecided, but I have considered adding an additional handwriting program for next year. If I do, I will choice between one of these programs:
      • A Reason for Handwriting: K. (The teacher’s manual is not necessary.)
      • Pencil Pete software program ( I already have this….so, it will probably win!)
  • Living Books
    • Read stacks and stacks of high-quality living books!
      • Simply Charlotte Mason has a list that is a great starting point.
      • Also, go to the libray and find books about history, science, math, artists, composers, etc.
  • Math
    • Second on the list of importance is math. Our family uses Saxon Math. Therefore, I recommended that she choose Saxon Math K, a Home Study Kit. This program starts out really easy. (counting to five, identifying a square, etc.) It begins with preschool work. But, by the end of the book, he will be skip counting by fives and tens, identifying coins, reading a calendar, telling time to the hour, and creating simple graphs. Just breeze through the easy stuff and spend a little more time at the end of the book. When paired with the maniuplatives set, this program provides hands-on learning.
    • Read math books.
      • Our favorites are Mathstart books by Stuart Murphy.
  • Memory Work: Kindergarten is the perfect time to begin memorizing information. At this age, your only goal is to introduce them to the vocabulary of the memory work. It is not important if they understand every little bit! Our family chooses Classical Conversations for our memory work, but you can come up with your own memory work, also. Usually, the living books we choose will correlate to our memory work. So, next year, when we are memorizing a sentence about Egypt, I will be reading books about Ancient Egypt.
  • Bible and Character:
      • Character: A Child’s Book of Character Building by Ron and Rebekah Coriell.

I postponed doing this lesson for days….okay, weeks! It is from our Saxon Math. We had to read a “recipe” to create green water. Thankfully, I am happy to report that all colored water stayed in it’s appropriate containers! (Yes, he is homeschooling in his pajamas. Don’t judge me!)

The Shopping List

Saxon Phonics K, Home Study Kit   -

Saxon Phonics K, Home Study Kit

Saxon Math K, Home Study Kit   -<br /><br />         By: Saxon</p><br /> <p>

Saxon Math K, Home Study Kit

Saxon Mathematics Homeschool Manipulatives Kit   -

Saxon Mathematics Homeschool Manipulatives Kit

A Reason For Handwriting: Kindergarten--Student Worktext   -              By: Carol Ann Retzer

A Reason For Handwriting: Kindergarten–Student Worktext

The Child's Story Bible   -<br /><br />         By: Catherine F. Vos</p><br /> <p>
The Child’s Story Bible

A Child's Book of Character Building, Book 1

A Child’s Book of Character Building, Book 1

Anyone else have words of wisdom for my friend? Leave them in the comments.

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