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Grammar Book List for Kids


If you haven’t figured it out yet….I love books! Some might call it an obsession while others might call it a passion! In our homeschool, we spend a lot of time reading. Today I have been compiling a list of books to use for grammar. Interested? Check it out! If you are in Classical Conversations Essentials, then check out my pinterest boards. I have matched up each book to correlate with our Essentials schedule.













What are your favorite grammar books? Do I need to add anything to my list? Please share your favorites in the comments!

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Essentials Student Notebook

I wear many hats.   As I have mentioned before, I am the director and Essentials tutor for my local Classical Conversations Community.   Currently, we are counting down the days until our first class.   Let the preparations begin………


Today I am going to show you how I have setup the student notebook for my Essentials class.  If you are unfamiliar with the Essentials program,   read an overview and watch a video on the Classical Conversations website. Obviously, due to copyright laws, I cannot show you pictures of the insides of the student notebook.  But, I have listed the page numbers and titles of the photocopies I have used.  Please note:  I have the 4th edition EEL guide.  If you own a previous edition, then the page numbers won’t match. 


Essentials Student Notebook


Supplies Needed

  • 1 ½ inch three-ring binder
  • Trivium Tables (English Grammar and Quid et Quo)
  • One copy of the Verbals Chart (Chart Q; EEL page 431)
  • One copy of the Weekly Practice Sentences (EEL page 433 &434)
  • Approximately 20 page protectors
  • Dry erase markers
  • Pencils, sharpened
  • Notebook paper
  • Pencil pouch with holes to put in front of binder
  • Dividers with pockets (5)
  • photocopies from the EEL guide and the IEW Ancient History Student Book
  • Optional:  Mad Libs


Tab #1: Charts
Tab #2: Sentences
Tab #3: Editing
Tab #4: Writing
Tab #5: Vocab.


  How to Assemble the Student Notebook

  • Front pocket of binder:  Trivium tables
  • Front of binder:  Pencil pouch with pencils, dry-erase markers, and tickets
  • Before First Divider:     
    • Essentials Study Sheet (I make these and hand them out each week.  They are not in the guide.) 
    • In a page protector:  EEL pg. 22 (Week at a Glance)
  • First divider:     Label divider:  Charts
    • In the pocket of the divider:  EEL pg. 18 (EEL Scope and Sequence)
    • On the rings, behind the divider:  blank paper for copying charts
    • In a page protector:  Verbals Chart Q; place it behind the paper, but in front of the next divider.
  • Second divider:  Label divider:  Sentences
    • In the pocket of the divider:  EEL page 394 (Glossary of Abbreviations)
    • In a page protector:  weekly practice sentences (EEL pg. 433-434) 
    • On the rings, behind the divider: 75 copies (3-hole punched) of EEL pg. 435-436 (Analytical Task Sheet)
  • Third Divider:  Label divider:  Editing 
    • On the rings:  Copies of editing sheets (2 copies of each week)
  • Fourth Divider:  Label divider:  Writing
    • In the pocket of the divider:  Ancient History Writing Schedule 
    • On the rings, behind the divider:  blank notebook paper
  • Fifth Divider:  Label divider: Vocab.
    • In the pocket of the divider:  current vocabulary flashcards
    • In page protectors:  one set of vocabulary tests (practice with dry erase markers)
    • On the rings, behind the divider:    2nd set of vocab.  tests w/o page protectors (final test in pencil)
  • Back Pocket: 


How We Use the Notebook

  • Trivium Tables
    • Grammar Chart:  Used as a reference in class, at home, and when copying grammar charts
    • Quid et Quo: Used when analyzing sentences in class and at home
  • Pencil Pouch
    • Stores pencils, dry-erase markers, and tickets
  • Study Sheet and Week at a Glance
    • Advises the student and parent as to what they could do at home
  •  Charts
    • Provides a list of the charts used each week and blank paper for copying
  • Sentences
    • A place for the student to analyze sentences  with the Quid et Quo table and the Analytical Task sheet
  • Editing
    • Students have 2 copies of each editing sheet.
  • Writing
    • Reminds the student of the writing assignments and provides paper for brainstorming and rough drafts.
  • Vocabulary
    • Reminds the student of the vocabulary words for each week.  It provides a place for the child to practice the vocabulary tests with dry-erase markers and photocopies of the vocabulary tests for the final test.  
  • MadLibs
    • It started out that we just did these for fun, but the kids learned a lot from them!  They are optional.  


A Few More Pictures……


In case you don’t know what a page divider with a pocket looks like…….here you go! It is a plastic page divider, but it has a pouch to store a few pieces of paper.

This is copy of one of my study sheets from last year. I adapted it from a version that I found on CC Connected.

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Teaching Boys to Practice Spelling- a Free Ebook

My ebook will be available this Friday! “Teaching Boys to Practice Spelling” is free to every person that subscribes to by email. If you aren’t a subscriber, enter your email address in the subscription box on my homepage.

At this very moment, I am putting the finishing touches on my ebook, “Teaching Boys to Practice Spelling.” I have listed 50 hands-on activities to help make those spelling words stick. Plus, most of the activities require very little prep work and can be executed in minutes a day! Spelling words…..every child has them….public school, private school, or homeschool….why not have a little fun with them?

The ebook will be available for our launch party this Friday, April 13th. The great news? It is free! If you are a subscriber to, the ebook is my gift to you.

Two More Days Until the Launch! Have you told your friends?

In order to register for the launch party prizes, please…….

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