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Welcome, friend!

 As I lounge on my bed, brainstorming ways to welcome you to my little piece of the web, I begin thinking of words of wisdom to speak.  How do I convey the joys and challenges of parenting boys?  Immediately, encouraging scriptures speak to my soul.  Precious snapshots of blazing campfires, family read-alouds, and goodnight kisses dance in my head.    While drifting into my daydream, I start to hear the echoes of three little voices bellowing, “You’ve got a bat in the cave……got a BOOGER!”  (Remnants of family movie night with the “The Zookeeper.”)   This is my life.

Ten years ago, if God would have given me a glimpse of my life today, I might have opted to forgo procreation.  Thankfully, he shields us from the complete picture because he knows that we may not be able to see beyond the trials to discover the incredible joy and satisfaction that will come with laying down our lives.  Teaching boys is challenging.   Disagree?  Then you haven’t met my boys.  Although, beneath the strewn legos, the half-eaten sandwiches, and the muddy boots in the hallway, emerges a mother that knows that she is blessed.  I can’t imagine my life without them.  The tears, the laughter, and the trials are all worth it.  My young men, my warriors, my arrows, are my gift.  Using my boys as my teachers, God is training me to lighten up and laugh about boogers. 

Welcome, friend.  Will you join me on this journey? This path that is decorated with mud puddles, slingshots, woodland creatures, and dangerous feats of bravery?  I pray that you will.   


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