When I began my parenting journey, I took the traditional road in regards to holidays and birthdays.  Our family looked like the world.  But, one day I was awakened to the fact that my boys were not “getting it.”  They were missing the true meaning behind our celebrations.  Since that day, I have been compiling lists of ways to celebrate the true meaning behind our celebrations while retaining all of the excitement and wonder that I experienced as a child.

Here is your sneak peek…..


  1. This list celebrates Jesus’ birth through the eyes of the children.
  2. These Christmas traditions are not spiritual, but they will create some wonderful family memories at Christmas.


  1. Why come up with a “sermon” when a delightful book can start the discussion.  Here are some beautiful Easter books that point our conversations towards Jesus.


  1. For many years, Thanksgiving meant bloated bellies, football, and sales ads.  While those aspects are still present, I have incorporated other Thanksgiving traditions that remind us of the First Thanksgiving and God’s provisions long ago and today.


  1. I was out of control.  I admit it.  The first few birthdays that I threw for my boys were insane!  I spent weeks and weeks planning every little detail.  Of course, there was nothing wrong with that.  I enjoyed it.  Now, I have a few other things on my plate.  Birthdays look a little differently these days.  Check out our top ten birthday traditions.

Favorite Holiday Recipes

  • Some recipes are so wonderful (fattening, unhealthy, sugar-laden) that we can only eat them a few times a year!

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