Our Curriculum 2013-2014

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 As I visit with other homeschool moms, this question always surfaces, “What curriculum do you use?” Well, for me, this list is ever-changing! I tend to be a little ADHD when it comes to choosing curriculum! But, my style stays the same. For the most part, we follow a mixture of Charlotte Mason methods and Classical methods. For more about the differences between homeschooling methods, check out this book: 101 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum

This is an example of our “typical” learning process:

  1. Introduce a topic with memory work.
  2. Find a book (or two or three or ten) that matches the memory work.
  3. Continue drilling the memory work, while “making it real” with living books.

As you look at my curriculum choices, please remember that they may be different tomorrow!

The Entire Family- together


First-Born (6th grade) 094


Middle Man (4th grade)  



Short Stuff (1st grade) 


 What curriculum are you using?

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CC Cycle 2- The Year at a Glance with a Free Download!

For all of my Classical Conversations friends, I have been working on a  document that shows an overview of  Cycle 2 quickly……. Cycle 2 Year at a Glance.   Many times I have thought, I know that we are doing (insert topic here)  in cycle 2, but which week is it?  This document will provide that answer quickly! 

Here is a glimpse of what it looks like: 

cycle 2 year at a glance photo 1-12

I would love to share it with you.  Please click here to download Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Year at a Glance.  

Please note:  I have not included timeline on this document.  I couldn’t figure out a way to document it without breaking copyright laws.  So, you will have to look in your Foundations manual for timeline. 

How do I use this document?

  1. I print it and keep it in my purse.  When I am at garage sales,  curriculum fairs, or thrift stores, I look for books that relate to these topics.
  2. I use it when choosing books at the library.  Before picking our books, we look at the week’s topics. 
  3. I save the document on the desktop of my computer.  When I am planning lessons, I have a quick reference.
  4. I open this document when I am pinning “extra” ideas on pinterest. 


Happy planning!

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Perplexus Maze Balls – Our New Favorite Toy!


 I have finally found you- the perfect toy

Perplexus Maze Ball.  How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways…….

(cue the hallelujah chorus and the light streaming down from heaven….) 

1.   My boys can’t break you.  Since you entered our lives four months ago, you have stayed the same….quality….durable….fun!  Even though they have thrown you across the room like a beach ball, you have remained strong, tough, and indestructible.   I admire that in a toy.  Very few toys can claim that they have been able to withstand the pressures and roughhousing of my boys.  Yet, you have honorably earned that right, my friend.  

2.  You are neat and tidy.   Being one piece , you do not spread your pieces all over my house.  You don’t cause me to fear for my life when I walk across the room in the dark.  So tidy.  Good toy. 

3.  You don’t need batteries.  Many other toys suck up all of my money by requiring oodles of batteries that takes hours to replace.  But, you?  No.  You are low-maintenance.  So considerate you are.

4.  You teach us.   Trying to figure out your challenges and obstacles have enabled my boys to increase their problem solving and fine-motor skills.  On top of educational lessons, you have provided many opportunities to discuss character qualities such as perseverance when we fail.   Thank you, teacher.  To teach is to touch a life forever. 

5.  We haven’t grown tired of you.  Other toys are exciting for the first few days.  Then, a few days later?  They are discarded.   Never to be played with again.   But, you?  Perplexus Maze Ball, you have remained our favorite. For months we have played with you.  For months we have enjoyed having your company on doctor trips and car rides.   For months you have been our first choice. 

6.   I love your family of other Maze Balls.   Not only do you provide constant entertainment, but you have an entire family of Perplexus Maze Balls!   When you are ready to go to the toy retirement home (aka:  a garage sale), we can buy another maze ball with a different maze and a different set of challenges.  The fun begins again.  Even when you are gone, you will continue to bless us.  (cue tears and the weeping)

 As a tribute to you, dear Perplexus Maze Ball, I have prepared a photo album of our memories together.  Always remember how much we love you!




To all of my friends that are witnessing this sweet exchange between a mom and a toy, please note that YOU can have this same loving feelings towards a toy!  YOU can look forward to your child playing with a toy.  It is possible to have a toy that does not annoy you to the point of wanting to bash it with a hammer and claim that your grouchy neighbor accidentally ran over it.  (Not that I would ever do that…again.)  Mom, let me introduce you to my little friends…….




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