Reading Review Box

If I could pass on one word of “teacher wisdom” to my fellow homeschoolers, it is this:  10 minute sessions on a daily basis will go much farther than 1 hour sessions once or twice a week.  Here is a quick way to review information on a daily basis.  This post gives instructions for making a reading review box.  But, the same concept can be used for any subject that you want to review.

How do I set up the Review box?

Materials needed: note card box, note card dividers, and note cards

•Label seven note card dividers.  Label them as follows:  

•Review, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and Mastered 

•Variations:  use book rings or Ziploc bags

•Another variation:  You can add a “Future Lessons” divider.  This is where you could store cards for future lessons. 


How do I use the Review box?

 •Find information that needs to be reviewed.  Reading:  Find words from a phonics primer. Include a few words from each phonics lesson.  For older students, include some high frequency words.  Put one word on each card. Other subjects:  scripture memory, math facts, history facts, science facts, musical notes, grammar definitions, etc.     

 •New information goes behind “Review.”  Once that info has been mastered once, it goes behind “1.”  Once that info has been mastered twice it goes behind “2.”  Continue.  When the information has been mastered 6 times, it goes behind the “Mastered” tab.

 •If the information is missed at “3,” then it goes all the way back to “Review.”  He must master the information six times in a row.

 •I start at the back of the box, and move forward.  I say “go” and he says the answers as fast as he can.  While he is answering I am thinking, “1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi.”  He must master the card in 2-3 seconds.  (I allow longer for history or science questions.) I am making two piles as he answers-mastered and not mastered.  When he is done, I move the mastered cards up and put the missed cards in a pile. After moving all cards to the appropriate place, we move the missed cards to “review.”  We practice those cards three times in a row.  If necessary, I use “keys” to review those cards.

 •I do not have him read the “Mastered” section every time we do the box.  But, we review those cards about once per month.  If he misses a card in the “Mastered” section, it goes all the way back to review.     

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